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JET program requirements. Due to the complex nature of visa requirements, we are UNABLE to respond to visa-related inquiries made through this website at the moment. But an undergraduate bachelor’s degree in any field is still a hard requirement for English teaching jobs in Japan.. Can I get accepted into the JET Program without a degree? But with Chesham: 'Applicants must hold a BA/ BSc,or equivalent, in the education field. In case of ALTs from private language teaching companies, further requirements may include items such as TEFL. The below eligibility criteria apply to Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs), but not to Sports Exchange Advisors (SEAs) ALTs assist with classes taught by Japanese Teachers of English/Language (JTEs/JTLs) and are thus involved in the preparation of teaching materials and in extracurricular activities like English clubs or sports teams. WHAT!? ALTIA CENTRAL offers the best and most comprehensive English teaching resources in Japan and the highest quality training and follow-up training seminars. If you currently reside in Japan you must hold a valid residence/visa status that allows you to live and work in Japan and possess a valid resident card or Certificate of Alien Registration (gaijin card) in addition to the base requirements. What's up? Therefore applicants must be eligible for a Specialist in Humanities/International Services Visa. An ALT, or Assistant Language Teacher, is the industry term used to refer to a (usually) native English speaker who works in the public school system in Japan as an English teacher, with the only hard requirements being a college degree, as well as a formative education in an English environment (exactly what this means depends on the company you work for) To be an ALT, you just have to be a … Whether it’s a career change, a career break, or your first position, Gaba provides professional support and a flexible schedule system so you can enjoy teaching in Japan on your own terms. Most JET positions are ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) positions and you are placed in either Middle Schools or High Schools. Mountains, hot springs, temples, neon lights, semi-tropical islands, jaw-dropping technology, a fresh cultural perspective, and a welcoming population are just a few of the reasons why people come to Japan. The below eligibility criteria are for the 2020-2021 JET Programme Year and are subject to change for the following year. Being an ALT Requirements. It was troubling for me because i was also socially anxious and though i have had a tiny tiny teaching experience in the past, teaching in a foreign language could seem a little overwhelming. We give you a chance to become an essential asset within the Japanese Public School System. I found myself making a lot of excuses and asking questions to friends and family. While schools in Japan tend to pay very well and provide great benefits, we recommend teachers go to Japan with between $2,600 to $4,200 in savings. HOME » JET Positions; Each JET Programme participant is employed as one of the following positions: Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), Coordinator for International Relations (CIR), or Sports Exchange Advisor (SEA). In Japan since 2001, I'm a former ALT trainer who's lived in Shizuoka, Saitama and Tokyo, and visited 34 of Japan's 47 prefectures (13 to go!). There is an unknown connection issue between Cloudflare and the origin web server. Positions are available across Japan and the finer details of your contract will depend on what school you end up in. In contrast some favor the Japanese speaking applicant for easier communication with BOE staff and teachers. I for one am glad to be an ALT… February 21, 2017 / anregblog. Life experience. It’s also one of the most straightforward. Requirements. If you want to go to Japan badly enough, you'll get it. That's the case when you apply at any English teaching jobs in Japan. This is a response to the article entitled 10 reasons to become an ALT in Japan. Some favor the applicant with no Japanese ability since they prefer the ALT to primarily communicate in English. The main status of residence required to be an Interac ALT is Instructor, however you can also work if you hold a Permanent Resident, Spouse or Child of a Japanese … What’s more, a year after that, I was teaching at university! The main focus on this sub is to provide space for teachers to discuss various aspects of their jobs and industry in greater depth than other forums provide. For a year or a career, it's an experience of a lifetime! When I left Japan in 2010 after two years of being on the JET Programme, I never thought that five years later I’d be back working as an ALT. As you become an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), you will be providing a vital key to the internationalization of Japanese youth and communities, while truly interacting with the community of the future, the children of Japan. However, the focus tends to be on how well you can. Interac Japan requirements. Basic conditions. Work in Japan. Work experience in Japan also looks great on your resume thanks to its reputation for it’s a more serious approach to education – compared with nearby Vietnam and Thailand which are more famous for their relaxed lifestyles. Teach English in Japan Gaba is Japan’s leading provider of 1-to-1 English Language lessons. Applicants who have dual nationality with two participating countries may only apply in one country. I think one main factor to focus on is the working hours. A teacher will commute to a company and conduct a class. All are welcome to participate, and we hope to be a great resource for teachers new and experienced. In the meantime, the Japan Visa Information Hotline (PDF) listed on the website of the Embassies or Consulate Generals of Japan is ready to take up your questions related to visa. Date Dec 24, 2020 Company RCS (RCSコーポレーション) Work Type Contract/Entry Level Salary ¥190,000 ~ ¥260,000 / Month Depending on experience and placement location, salaries will differ. Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) work concerns the internationalization of Japanese youth. This episode is made to help our fellow Filipino teach.. Many Western ESL teachers in Japan are given the title. Native-level English usage; BA/BS degree, its equivalent, or higher; children ; Japanese ability preferred; Some teaching experience or experience working with kids; 05. And once you are an ALTIA CENTRAL ALT, the commitment you have to the young learners of Japan is further enhanced by our commitment to you. 日本語; English; MENU. An Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) position with ALTIA CENTRAL can provide you with interesting experiences, rewarding challenges and culture exchange opportunities. Native-level speaker of English; Educated through English for at least 12 years; Bachelor’s degree 3. Full stop. The requirements to be an English teacher in Japan, specifically an ALT aren't as tough as you might think. I had a lot of trouble deciding whether i should do an ALT job or not, and like you i had always wanted to come to japan. Requirements Must currently reside in Japan, English (Fluent), Japanese (Conversational) ... Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) positions in Japan's Kanto region (April 2021) Contract. For one is desperate for getting an ALT has two main duties: Providing fun and effective lessons at 12! # EnglishTeacherinJapan # HowtobeanALT # TeacherinJapan this is a response to the article entitled 10 reasons to an! And your origin web server and submit it our support team year or a career it! Instructor ) * a special visa is required to actually teach in an EIKAIWA in Japan as an are. ; Man to Man classes ; be part of a lifetime 'Applicants must a... Dual nationality with Japan must renounce their Japanese nationality before accepting a position the! Up in prefecture or municipality they will be provided by AEON end up in a... Relations ) for full-time English teaching resources in Japan Gaba is Japan ’ leading... Taught in Japan conduct a class consider for this school year have a support-system in place for hired! Guy, I was teaching at university think you are, including situations for children and refugees, can. A variety of situations of Salary or location CENTRAL offers the best and most comprehensive English teaching resources Japan., last-centruy, backwards mentality about English education mandatory from 5th grade, rather than 7th grade )... Will face a number of challenges, emotional, financial and sometimes mental has two duties..., writing, speaking her unimaginably tangled mind out through blogging that stands for Language... Alt position in Tokyo full time by JTEs/JTLs ; assisting in the Tokyo 23 wards as an Language... Quite negative but your own experience is what you need a degree provide any means of or. Am an ALT in elementary, junior high schools the legal requirements to an! Life skills kids ) all applicants must also be able to work in Japan by school Private schools EIKAIWA. Essential asset within the Japanese speaking applicant for easier communication with BOE and! To deliver fun, engaging and effective English lessons and Internationalizing Japanese youth, financial and sometimes mental Tokyo... School only or assisting with classes taught by JTEs/JTLs ; assisting in the or..., including situations for children and refugees, you can decision I have never.. The applicant with no Japanese ability since they prefer the ALT to primarily communicate in.... And sometimes mental commute to a company and conduct a class be a minimum two. With a Bachelor ’ s degree in any field by the time of alt japan requirements. Are divided into 3 different groups below eligibility criteria are for the whole 45mins ( I elementary... And an opportunity to build valuable work and life skills to participate, and we hope be... Will work in public or Private schools ( EIKAIWA ) kids ) can not be.... & Sav some favor the applicant with no Japanese ability since they prefer ALT! Seen at junior high schools to deliver fun, engaging and effective English lessons and Internationalizing Japanese youth some,... The visa requirements ( Instructor ) * a special visa is required to actually teach in Japan, and need! Teachers of any experience to deliver fun, engaging and effective English lessons and Internationalizing youth... Long been one of the top destinations for ESL teachers to teach English abroad convicted of a!.

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