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MagnetStreet Weddings Their photos and wedding stationery reflect their simple, clean and uncomplicated wedding style--so lovely. Our Thank you note, I think, says everything about our wedding. Stephanie and Taylor's Personalized Stationery Suite ...Flower Enchantment, Save the Date Classic New York, Rectangle Wedding Invitation Life of Luxury, Thank You Card, On their Save the Date: "We wanted to have two photos on our magnet and the magnet we chose was simple and perfect. Take in every second of the wedding from beginning to end and not to let small things bother you i.e. You can enjoy a romantic ceremony and reception with panoramic sunset views over the glorious coastline. All rights reserved. The DJ was amazing and I felt comfortable knowing the photographer was getting everything I wanted--it made me so happy. Stephanie and Taylor met when they were just 15 years old. ]]> She made our special day perfect. Covering plenty of ground in both the North and the South, it's a popular region to get married in.Whether you're a native to the area, have family nearby, or just love to visit a certain spot along the Atlantic, an East Coast wedding may be right for you. MagnetStreet was perfect. And although they went to different colleges, they still managed to see each other just about every weekend. Prices & Photos. The weather was beautiful ... Having our families under one roof was perfect and meant everything to us both ... My dress and shoes fit me perfectly--Jack Rogers for me and the bridesmaids ... And finally, the most simple, beautiful dress with buttons down the whole back. Take everything and live it. The wedding planners of Sun and Sea have put together a selection of Florida beach wedding packages designed to make your marriage ceremony unique, elegant and memorable. Wildflower-inspired bouquets by Mount Williams Greenhouses add vibrant color to the green landscape and a bold complement to Ashley’s classic Peter Langner gown. They got engaged last May on the West Coast and were married this June on the East Coast. Coastal and Beach Weddings, Sidmouth, Devon Connaught Gardens is a delightful outdoor wedding venue located in Sidmouth, Devon, on England’s Jurassic Coast. For more information contact Debbie on 083 228 2899. Cape HatterasSee on map. Apr 19, 2018 - On this board you will find our favorite East Coast wedding venues. The East Coast of Florida also has an abundance of well known hotels with the option for you to have your wedding reception right at your beachfront hotel. Never sweat the small stuff! Coastal Wedding Venues - Fresh sea air, stripes and seersucker, brass buttons on blazers, compasses and flags, candy floss, chips and windswept kisses. Another lovely choice … She got everything I wanted and she really was amazing. I was comfortable with her there and knew I could relax and have a good time without needing to worry about if the photographer was getting good shots! Thank you for letting us share your big day with all of us! var now = new Date();document.write(now.getFullYear()); For us East Coasters there’s nothing more romantic than the sound of the waves on the shore, the sand between our toes (or seaweed, let’s be real), and the smell of that salty ocean air. Whether you’re planning a wedding, banquet, reunion or other special event, the right waterfront venue can add a magical touch and inspire a lifetime of memories. © 1998- Save the date photos were from a park in Trumbull, CT, our home town, which had a beautiful lake. We have a family home there in which we love to visit as much as possible. The Stone Church in Brattleboro, Vermont, an incredible venue for dance & music events! It only happens once! Janie has an eye for wedding photography. Daytona Beach Weddings. A truly unique beach wedding venue. What were some highlights from your big day? Eat! Did the location have special significance? Only 10 mins from the airport, and 30 minutes from town, you can choose from five different areas of The Beach House East Coast , catering for a range of guests, from 30 to 250, or you can hire out the entire property and live in complete luxury pre and post-wedding bliss. But maybe your nuptial dreams have you and your beloved standing on firmer ground. Becca and Rob’s Beach Wedding Scene Photo by Chris and Amber Photo. Landmark Weddings George in Rye are a wedding venue located in Rye in East Sussex. Beach Club at Koru Village. Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel. And although they went to different colleges, they still managed to see each other just about every weekend. I wish I had gotten to eat the good food and the cake! It's a highly customizable space with a wide range of rooms, including a piano bar lounge, a lofty expanse with 14-foot ceilings, and a … They got engaged last May on the West Coast and were married this June on the East Coast. River Deck Restaurant. They got engaged last May on the West Coast and were married this June on the East Coast. The Beach House East Coast This brand-spanking new venue is opening to the public in 2019. I think that’s why beach weddings and elopements are so popular in Nova Scotia. Romantic Tampa Bay Wedding At Safety Harbor Resort and Spa, Exquisite Wedding in the Most Breathtaking Church. For reservations, details, and personalized service regarding the best venues for your gatherings, please contact us. Top 10 Waterfront Venues on the East Coast Written by Doug Simmons . What advice would you like to give? Stephanie. Customize your own price and special offers. Even though I happen to be one of the few SMPers that doesn't reside in the land of beauty known as New England, that doesn't mean that I don't _truly _appreciate just how seriously awesome it is. Outer Banks Wedding & Reunion Venues. The Don CeSar, St. Pete Beach. This New York City wedding is absolutely flawless. Escape to the country for your special day and record your happy day with photographs in the beautiful surrounds. Key West, Florida. Find the perfect venue. Without a doubt, Newton Hall is ‘The Place’ to be married – a fantasy destination specialising in outdoor weddings, where a beach celebration means Champagne barbecues, vintage-style beach huts, and wedding parties draped over one another. The gorgeous 1768 Hubbell Homestead in Bennington, Vermont, provided the sophisticated backdrop for the couple’s affair. To many, a beach destination wedding is the picturesque setting for one of the most important days of one's life. Everyone loved them." What advice are you glad you took? Daytona, Ponce Inlet & New Smyrna Beach Including wedding venues in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. You & your guests can enjoy your ceremony on the beach and then relax in our Beach club before moving to our reception center, all in the convenience of one location. From elegant weddings to outdoor venues, all the best northeastern locations are here. MagnetStreet. Enjoy. A 15th century castle, now an award-winning five-star hotel with breathtaking sea views across seven glorious miles of… The hotel has five ceremony venues including a Lookout Tower nestled in the gardens and a recently-restored chapel, converted from a Georgian stable block. The East Coast of Florida is known for the beautiful waves of the Atlantic Ocean that make a perfect backdrop for your beach wedding photos. Not only is it our most affordable wedding location in Florida, it is one of the best locations on the East Coast for your destination wedding. This beautiful coastal park features a 70 ft. tall lighthouse, built in the 1840's, as well as a restored, historic carousel. I would recommend her to anyone. The East Coast is as beautiful as it is diverse, spanning from the top of Maine to the tip of Florida. For brides and grooms who have always loved the beach, a wedding on the sand is the perfect way to begin the adventure of a life together. From champagne and canapés on the lawn to sit-down wedding breakfasts, the hotel’s kitchen is renowned for championing … [CDATA[// >

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